BIOSTAR Showcase the Latest Motherboards, AI Computing Solutions and HMI Board for EV Charging Application at COMPUTEX 2023


31st May 2023, Taipei, Taiwan – BIOSTAR, a leader in the global IT industry, continues to stand at the forefront of technology and innovation, showcasing a line-up of high-tech products that push the boundaries of technology and innovation, displaying a remarkable public presence at COMPUTEX 2023.


BIOSTAR is showcasing its brand new motherboard line-up this year based on the H.P.A.C.T Application method. H.P.A.C.T represents High level, Performance, Ability, Capacity, and Time, highlighting their focus on complex designs, efficient value creation, system stabilization, expandability, and reduced waiting time. With a focus on achieving the highest level of excellence in complex designs, BIOSTAR ensures that its motherboard offerings push the boundaries of technological advancements.

Visitors can experience BIOSTAR’s latest motherboards creatively displayed at the COMPUTEX 2023 as follows: The Z790A-SILVER, B760A-SILVER, B760M- SILVER, and B760T- SILVER motherboard displayed under H.P.A.C.T. meaning they resemble the full scope of what H.P.A.C.T. stands for (High level, Performance, Ability, Capacity, and Time, highlighting their focus on complex designs, efficient value creation, system stabilization, expandability, and reduced waiting time).

The B760MZ-E PRO, B650MP-E PRO and A620MP-E PRO motherboards displayed under P.A.C.T., while the A620MT, H610MH D5, B760NH-E motherboards displayed under the acronym A.C.T.

Among the many innovative solutions, BIOSTAR at COMPUTEX 2023 introduces new Z790 VALKYRIE, X670E VALKYRIE, and RACING B650EGTQ gaming motherboards explicitly designed for casual gamers, content creators, and tech enthusiasts. In addition, the company is expanding its range of industrial motherboards, targeting various business applications for B2B clients. These solutions showcase BIOSTAR’s commitment to delivering high-performance, Innovative, and versatile computing solutions to a broad spectrum of industries and consumers.

BIOSTAR’s V8 Overdrive featuring RACING Z690GTA and Z790 VALKYRIE themed case mods by Mark’s Fabrication are also at full display, embodying the raw power and performance that BIOSTAR gaming motherboards are known for.

BIOSTAR is also showcasing its latest AMD Radeon RX7600 graphics cards. Ideal for casual and competitive gaming visitors can experience the best AMD Radeon graphics cards, first hand at COMPUTEX 2023.


The company is also launching its brand-new DDR5 Gaming X RGB LED DRAM, boasting an ultra-fast 6000+ MHz clock speed. This product reaffirms BIOSTAR’s dedication to the gaming community, ensuring optimal performance for the most demanding gaming environments.


BIOSTAR is also introducing its latest Intelligent System for industrial and business applications, HTPC systems, and more.

Further, in more exciting news, BIOSTAR is showcasing a new electric vehicle (EV) charging station concept design, based on BIOSTAR’s HMI board. Capable of operating in a range of -40~85 degree Celsius, BIOSTAR’s HMI board is ideal for industrial applications like EV charging stations that can benefit from its exceptional functionality and durability.

Moreover, BIOSTAR will showcase cutting-edge hardware dedicated to seamless AI application integration. These platforms empower AI applications like ChatGPT, enabling AI customer service, data gathering, analyzing, and real-time interactions. Cooperating closely with Gentrice, BIOSTAR aims to demonstrate how AI and intelligent automation can drive innovation and enhance products and services in the tech industry.

In conclusion, BIOSTAR’s presence at COMPUTEX 2023 showcases its commitment to technological innovation. With high-tech products like gaming motherboards, the new H.P.A.C.T. Application, Gaming X DDR5 DRAM, intelligent systems, and HMI board for EV charging solution, BIOSTAR caters to diverse industries and consumers. Their focus on AI integration and collaborative projects further highlights their dedication to pushing boundaries in the IT industry.

BIOSTAR cordially invites all media friends, potential buyers, and fans to visit its booth #M0312 at Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, 4F, and experience the latest products and next gen technology on display!