9th June 2023, TAIPEI, Taiwan – Following an extraordinarily successful participation at COMPUTEX 2023, BIOSTAR, a globally renowned IT industry leader, is proud to share the highlights and advancements of its exhibited products. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation, BIOSTAR left a substantial impression through a showcase of high-tech products that left the visitors in awe.


Following the company’s H.P.A.C.T. Application method, BIOSTAR showcased its latest lineup of motherboards designed to cater to a broad spectrum of users. Featuring the Z790A-SILVER, B760A-SILVER, B760M-SILVER, and B760T-SILVER motherboards, which capture the full range of H.P.A.C.T. characteristics: High level, Performance, Ability, Capacity, and Time.

Further extending its motherboard offerings, BIOSTAR showcased the B760MZ-E PRO, B650MP-E PRO, and A620MP-E PRO under the P.A.C.T. banner, while the A620MT, H610MH D5, B760NH-E, and B760NH-E D4 models were exhibited under the A.C.T. acronym.

These motherboards showcase BIOSTAR’s dedication to excellence in technology design by focusing on complex designs, efficiency, system stability, expandability, and reduced waiting time.

Furthermore, BIOSTAR also showcased a 3I concept system, designed to demonstrate BIOSTAR H610 motherboard, Intel Core i5 CPU, and Intel ARC A380 graphics card. This setup is to show the 3I solution can offer user a performance and budget balanced experience no matter for home entertainment, office work, or even gaming.

Additionally, the new Z790 VALKYRIE, X670E VALKYRIE, and RACING B650EGTQ gaming motherboards were also at BIOSTAR’s Computex 2023 showcase, designed to cater to casual gamers, content creators, and tech enthusiasts alike.

BIOSTAR’s V8 Overdrive and VALKYRIE case mods were a sight to behold at this year’s COMPUTEX, symbolizing the raw power and performance that BIOSTAR gaming motherboards guarantee. Many visitors didn’t hesitate to take photos of these case mods designed with exceptional craftsmanship. Furthermore, BIOSTAR showed 2 Mini iTX case mods with its B760T-SILVER and B760NH-E motherboards to demonstrate how stylish and space saving that BIOSTAR mini iTX motherboards can be.


BIOSTAR also showcased an expanded range of its industrial motherboards and system solutions aimed at various business applications for B2B clients, a testament to BIOSTAR’s versatility and commitment to high-performance computing solutions.

In addition to motherboard innovations, BIOSTAR unveiled its ultra-fast DDR5 Gaming X RGB LED DRAM, reaching an impressive clock speed of over 6000 MHz, marking a new era in gaming memory solutions.

Adding to its array of breakthrough products such as Nvidia RTX series graphics cards, BIOSTAR also unveiled its AMD Radeon RX series graphics cards, including RX7900XTX, RX7900XT, and the latest RX7600 graphics cards, optimized for both casual and competitive gaming. These graphics cards promise to elevate user experience by delivering top-tier performance and visual quality. Attendees of COMPUTEX 2023 were able to experience the exceptional capabilities of these AMD Radeon graphics cards firsthand.

SSD storage solutions such as BIOSTAR’s popular P500 Portable RGB LED SSD, S160L, M700, M760, and M800 new PCIe Gen4x4 high speed M.2 SSD, were also on display showcasing a full array of products in BIOSTAR’s catalog.

Moreover, BIOSTAR showcased cutting-edge hardware dedicated to seamless generative AI application integration. These platforms empower AI applications like ChatGPT, enabling AI customer service, data gathering, analyzing, and real-time interactions. BIOSTAR demonstrated how AI and intelligent automation can drive innovation and enhance products and services in the tech industry.

Beyond hardware, BIOSTAR exhibited pioneering concepts in intelligent systems and an EV charging station application based on their HMI board, suitable for various industrial applications, including electric vehicle charging stations, due to its exceptional functionality and resilience in extreme temperatures ranging from -40~85 degree Celsius.

Attracting the media and the crowd’s attention, BIOSTAR showcased an amazing slot machine with BIOSTAR HMI board solution inside. BIOSTAR showcased a real HMI application as the slot machine featuring its HMI board, which could be used for diversity of HMI applications such as ATM, KIOSK, POS system, and digital Signage. This truly displayed the technical capability of BIOSTAR products.

As COMPUTEX 2023 draws to a close, BIOSTAR reflects upon a successful exhibition filled with remarkable achievements. Throughout the event, the BIOSTAR has stood at the forefront, embracing new ideas and pushing the limits of technological innovation.

The commitment to technological advancement is evident in the array of products showcased, each representing a stride forward in the IT industry. BIOSTAR’s robust display of high-performance motherboards, ultra-fast gaming memory, intelligent systems, and cutting-edge graphic cards exemplifies its prowess in hardware manufacturing and its unwavering dedication to revolutionizing the future of technology. The success at COMPUTEX 2023 serves as a statement to BIOSTAR’s continued journey in shaping the future of the global IT industry.