Epson Launches New Series High Brightness Projectors


For boardrooms and medium to large meeting rooms with ambient light, these network projectors have web monitor-and-control features.

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High-definition Images with 4K Enhancement Technology

4K enhancement technology* shifts each pixel diagonally by 0.5 pixels, surpassing Full HD image quality to give you unbelievable sharpness, clarity and detail on all your presentations.

EB-1495UNL: High-definition Images with 4K Enhancement Technology


Super-resolution Technology

Epson’s super-resolution technology delivers razor-sharp images even when projecting low-resolution content onto large screens. And with image data processed frame by frame, even rapid motion remains crisp.

EB-1505UNL: Super-resolution Technology


Projection on Wide Curved and Corner Spaces

Fit your projection images nicely even on non-fl at surfaces. Create stunning projection images on wide curved surfaces and corner walls, ideal for advertisements and marketing promotions.

EB-30000UNL: Projection on Wide Curved and Corner Spaces


Auto Colour Calibration with Built-in Camera

The built-in camera detects projection that have become unevenly coloured over time, allowing the projector to automatically correct colour. It also detects subtle colour inconsistencies between multiple projectors. What’s more, this function can be programmed to check colour manually or automatically at regular intervals to deliver stable image quality with minimum maintenance.

EB-1755UNL: Auto Colour Calibration with Built-in Camera


Borderless Multi-projection

Offering a variety of functions for multi-projector installations, the EB-L1000 series lets you adjust brightness, colour and the position of overlapping areas for seamless, beautiful displays. There is also an Auto Scaling function for easy multi-projector displays and an Advanced Edge Blending function for more precise edge-blending adjustment.

EB-L1060UNL: Borderless Multi-projection